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Inter-Tribal Council Of California

Statewide association of 47 tribes in California.

Inter-Tribal Council Of California

Established in 1968

Established in 1968, the Inter-Tribal Council of California, Inc. (ITCC) is a statewide association of 47 tribes in California. ITCC is governed by a General Council comprised of tribal representatives designated by resolutions of tribal councils. The General Council elects the members of the Board of Directors who are responsible for over-sight of ITCC.

Over the 45 year history, ITCC has successfully created programs and services impacting health, education, economic, social, cultural, environmental, legal, and tribal governance development for tribal people throughout California. Inherent in all the work of ITCC is the recognition of tribal governments as sovereign nations capable of self-governance and economic sustainability supporting healthy individual tribal communities.

ITCC efforts of effective models of systems change include but are not limited to public policy, advocacy, Tribal engagement, consortia development, cultural competency, and training and technical assistance. Head Start, Elderly Nutrition Centers, health programs, employment and training services, legal services, youth programs, education centers, environmental protection, language preservation, and cultural preservation are some of the programs developed and/or promoted by ITCC.
ITCC carries on a legacy of uniting tribal people in California, standing together with respect for each other, caring for our families and communities, building for future generations, and keeping our traditions and cultural practices alive and prospering.

Inter-Tribal Council Of California

Services and Programs

ITCC provides childcare subsidies for children under 13 years to low-income families who are working, in a job training program, or attending school.

The goal of the project is to increase the capacity of California Tribal governments to better prepare and respond to emergencies and disasters on Tribal lands.

(ITCC) Child Care Development Fund Program (CCDF) offers direct payments/vouchers to providers on behalf of parents- based on parents’ income, co-payments may be required to cover the full cost of care.

In an effort to reduce violence in tribal communities, ITCC administers the Family Violence Prevention & Services Program (FVPS) throughout northern and central California.

Training and technical assistance workshops can be conducted on-site at the agency receiving the training.

All groups are offered on Zoom at this time and can assist Native American families with court orders, CPS and ICWA mandates for family strengthening, and active efforts for reunification.

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Meaning of the I.T.C.C Symbol

The Indian is looking into the rising sun. He is facing the dawn of a new era.

The rainbow signifies the hope that the Indian has for a better future.

The bonds on his wrists are broken, indicating the new federal policies that extend greater Self Determination.

The feet of the Indianvare still firmly planted in Mother Earth.vMother Earth is thevsource of his rich cultural heritage.

The Indian is encased in the feathers of an eagle, which denotes the ultimate in freedom, of an eagle in flight.

We will build a future without surrendering a rich past.

Inter-Tribal Council Of California

About Us

Vision for Our Future ITCC recognizes its role in promoting self-sufficiency and local self-determination for California Indian people.

After 43 years of developing and administering a wide range of programs which promote the economic, educational, cultural, legal, and social status of Indians in California, the Inter-Tribal Council of California pushes on to find new ways to improve the life of Indians in California.

Our Programs

The ITCC FVP&S program provides emergency services to victims of DV to any person who resides in California and self discloses that either they or their children are of Native American ancestry.  The CCDF program provides subsidized childcare to families and Tribes under our CCDF consortium.

Inter-Tribal Council Of California

Direct Services

Inter-Tribal Council of California, Inc. (ITCC) Child Care Development Fund Program (CCDF) offers Direct Payments/Vouchers to Providers on Behalf of Parents- Based on parents’ income, co-payments may be required to cover full cost of care.

Site assessment for child care providers.
Stipends to attend CPR and First Aid Certification.
Information on tax write-offs, sample daily schedules, and other sample child care business documents for child care providers.

Professional Development for Child Care Providers – Providers can earn $25 and $50 stipends up to the amount of $250.00 per year to attend training. Eligible trainings are put on by the provider’s local child care resource and referral agency.

List of CCDF Conosortium Tribes

1.Benton Paiute Reservation (Utu Utu Gwaitu Paiute Tribe)
2. Big Pine Paiute Indian Reservation (Big Pine Paiute Tribe of the Owens Valley)
3. Blue Lake Rancheria
4. Cahto Tribe Laytonville Rancheria
5. Chemehuevi Indian Tribe
6. Trinidad Rancheria (Cher-AE Heighs)
7. Elem Indian Colony
8. Middletown Rancheria
9. Redwood Valley Rancheria
(Redwood Valley Little River Band of Pomo Indians)
10. Woodfords Washoe Tribe (Hung-A-Lel-Ti)
11. Paskenta Band of Nomlaki Indians

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Inter-Tribal Council Of California

Past Events

Missing Murdered Indigenous Women Awareness Event May 2022
Missing Murdered Indigenous Women Awareness Event May 2022