About Us

Inter-Tribal Council of California

The Inter-Tribal Council of California, Inc. (ITCC) is a statewide association of over 35 federally recognized tribes and Tribal organizations. This non-profit 501(c)3 organization was formed in 1968 to enhance the education, health, economic, cultural, and social status of all Native Americans in California. ITCC advocates and implements policies, programs and projects to strengthen sovereignty and improve the health and well-being of our tribal communities.

Our purpose

Our purpose is to unite the
Tribal people of California

Our purpose is to unite the Tribal people of California while developing and advocating policies and designing programs to address their unmet needs. ITCC believes in including under served and under represented Tribal Groups into its design and development process. The values of our rich, diverse, and multicultural heritage will be preserved and strengthened together.

Through collaborations ITCC, Tribal governments have gained more control and support of the programs that serve their communities. Our consultation process provides respect for our culture – our guiding principle. Direct communication with Tribal communities which works to support, empower tribes as a whole and their individual members.

Meaning of the I.T.C.C Symbol

The Indian is looking into the rising sun. He is facing the dawn of a new era.

The rainbow signifies the hope that the Indian has for a better future.

The bonds on his wrists are broken, indicating the new federal policies that extend greater Self Determination.

The feet of the Indianvare still firmly planted in Mother Earth.vMother Earth is thevsource of his rich cultural heritage.

The Indian is encased in the feathers of an eagle, which denotes the ultimate in freedom, of an eagle in flight.

We will build a future without surrendering a rich past.

Founding Members Of Inter-Tribal Council of California

Benjamin Magante

Ralph De Garmo

James Parcell

Warren Lincoln

Nelson Hopper

Erin Forrest

James Wessel

Dorthy Gonzales

Sammuel Harrison

An association designed for the Unity of All California Indians