California Tribal Emergency Management and Homeland Security

Inter-Tribal Council Of California

Preservation of life, land, and culture through emergency management.

In response to the overwhelming need to reach out to Tribes and include them in emergency management preparedness, FEMA has developed a funding mechanism for Tribes in California. FEMA has provided this funding through CAL-EMA as a pass through agency, which in turn has funded the Inter-Tribal Council of California, Inc (ITCC). ITCC, as a sub grantee, has been delegated as the 59th operational area, and has titled the project the California Tribal Emergency Management and Homeland Security Project (CTEMHSP). The purpose of this program is to include California Tribes in NIMS compliance and general emergency and disaster preparedness efforts. The grant project is housed at ITCC’s central office in Sacramento, California.

Inter-Tribal Council Of California

The goal of the project

The goal of the project is to increase the capacity of California Tribal governments to better prepare and respond to emergencies and disasters on Tribal lands. Since the inception of the project, a statewide summit was held, and since then several Regional trainings have occurred throughout the State. Currently, training and equipment are available to Tribal governments through the funds of this grant. Training include Incident Command System training, Terrorism Liaison Officer Training, Emergency Management Institute training aid, Emergency Operations Planning, and other planning related training. California Tribes host these trainings statewide, and ITCC is open to additional training sites* if your Tribe or Tribal organization is interested.

If you or your Tribal representative are interested in the project, and want more information, we welcome your questions.

FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency)