Inter-Tribal Council Of California

Our Vision

Vision for Our Future ITCC recognizes its role in promoting self-sufficiency and local self-determination for California Indian people. For this reason ITCC continues to pursue the mobilization of California Indian people through programs designed to gradually shift control to the hands of local Indian Communities. First ITCC takes the lead in seeking out new funding or other Tribally beneficial opportunities. Second, a pilot program or model is developed and implemented for direct services to the tribal consortium members. Then finally, the administration of the program shifts to the tribe. The new grantee and ITCC work together to provide supporting technical assistance and training services as needed.

This effort involves a constant change in the role of ITCC. It has acted as a funding mechanism for tribes and organizations to secure and deliver programs to Indian people. Today area consortiums and communities are in a good position to seek out and manage their own programs. Therefore, ITCC is emphasizing a change in priorities from program development to technical assistance for local organizations that are obtaining and administering their own programs. However, ITCC acknowledges that as each tribal community is unique, with different levels of stability and self-governance. If a need arises, tribes can request and depend upon ITCC to administer the grants and programs necessary.

As the efforts towards mobilization continue, ITCC will enhance its goal of building a bridge form the tribal governments of its members to the California and United States Governments. With the Central office located in Sacramento, ITCC has access to the decision makers in the legislature and Gov. Jerry Brown’s Administration to promote the government to government relationships. The role as a liaison and representative for California Indian people continues to be the cornerstone of our organization with the vision of further involvement and change for a better future for American Indians.