Inter-Tribal Council of California

Tribal Stewardship Training and Employment Program (T-STEP)

Inter-Tribal Council of California

Supporting Tribes in Land Stewardship and Workforce Development.

Welcome to the Tribal Stewardship Training and Employment Program (T-STEP), where our efforts are rooted in the restoration and empowerment of California’s landscapes and Native communities. T-STEP is dedicated to undoing the historical impacts of colonization by centralizing traditional ecological knowledge and practices of California tribes. Through practical, hands-on training, we equip tribal members with the skills necessary for effective land stewardship and workforce development. 

Our approach emphasizes collaboration, recognizing the unique cultural contexts of each tribe we serve, and tailoring our programs to meet their specific needs and goals. Whether it’s through sponsoring training opportunities, facilitating mutual aid networks, or fostering strategic partnerships, T-STEP is committed to building a sustainable future where the relationship between the land and its people is harmonious and rooted in traditional knowledge. Join us in our journey toward tribal land stewardship and economic empowerment.

Inter-Tribal Council of California

Services and Programs

T-STEP restores California’s landscapes and empowers Native communities through traditional ecological knowledge.

T-STEP offers extensive training covering essential skills for land stewardship and career growth.

T-STEP collaborates with CCAWW to empower Miwok tribe members through training, equipment provision, and financial support for stewardship.

Sierra Institute collaborates with ITCC to develop tribal workforce training programs, fostering environmental stewardship and community engagement.

T-STEP fosters mutual aid by connecting individuals and tribes to share resources, support stewardship initiatives, and create employment opportunities.

Upcoming Events

Stay updated on our upcoming events, connecting you with T-STEP’s mission and fellow Native communities.



Caressa Nguyen is tribal citizen of the Ione Band of Miwok Indians, as well as being Vietnamese and Filipino. She promotes the sovereignty of tribal nations, advocates for marginalized communities and fosters Asian American and Indigenous solidarity.

Nguyen focuses her efforts on amplifying Indigenous and marginalized voices through various avenues, including policy, design, social entrepreneurship and land stewardship. She has conducted climate change research in countries such as Bolivia, Morocco, Peru, United States, Vietnam and Nepal, with a particular emphasis on Indigenous rights. Her research sheds light on international case studies that highlight Indigenous resistance to natural resource extraction. Additionally, she has investigated the United Nations program on Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD+) program in Nepal.


Elijah, a tribal citizen of the Miwok of the El Dorado Rancheria, is a dedicated advocate for under-resourced communities. With a background in connecting Indigenous students to essential resources, his career has evolved to focus on land stewardship. Specializing in linking tribes to overlooked resources, Elijah strongly believes in the power of interconnected community support. 

His outlook centers on the idea that the resources one needs usually exist somewhere; the challenge is often finding the right connections to access these resources. Elijah’s expertise and commitment make him an invaluable asset for projects aimed at empowering communities and fostering collaboration. Through his work, he continues to champion the belief that by forging meaningful connections, communities can unlock untapped potential and create a network of support for lasting positive change.


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Caressa Nguyen


T-STEP Engagement Specialist:

Elijah Joseph