Inter-Tribal Council of California

Tribal Stewardship Training and Employment Program (T-STEP)


Inter-Tribal Council Of California

CCAWW Stewardship Project

The Cosumnes Culture and WaterWays initiative, operating as a nonprofit organization, is dedicated to preserving the traditional stewardship of the ancestral lands belonging to the Miwok of the El Dorado Rancheria. In collaboration with the Intertribal Stewardship Workforce Initiative (T-STEP), this endeavor has undertaken a comprehensive training program designed to enhance the capabilities of the tribe’s members in carrying out their stewardship responsibilities.

The training regimen facilitated by T-STEP encompasses foundational skills, notably beginner chainsaw operation (S212) and wilderness first aid. In addition to skill development, T-STEP is actively involved in equipping the tribe with the necessary tools for their stewardship activities. This includes the provision of chainsaws and personal protective equipment (PPE), acknowledging the significance of appropriate gear in ensuring both safety and efficacy during on-site work.

Furthermore, the Intertribal Stewardship Workforce Initiative is committed to augmenting the tribe’s capabilities through financial support. This takes the form of funding allocated to compensate tribe members for additional training and on-site work experience. By doing so, T-STEP is not only enhancing the tribe’s overall capacity but also fostering increased engagement and skill set development among its members simultaneously.

In summary, the collaboration between the Cosumnes Culture and WaterWays initiative and T-STEP represents a strategic and multifaceted approach to empower the Miwok tribe in fulfilling their stewardship responsibilities. Through comprehensive training, provision of essential equipment, and financial support for ongoing development, this initiative aims to bolster the tribe’s capacity, engagement, and skill sets, thereby contributing to the sustainable preservation of their ancestral lands.